What’s The Best Way to Remove Snow from Roof in Utah?

Want to know what’s the best way to remove snow from roof? Read on to find out!

Winter can be a magical time. But as beautiful as it may be, it also presents challenges, especially in managing snow accumulation on your roof. 

Heavy snow loads can pose a significant threat, potentially causing roof damage, leaks, and even structural collapse.

To avoid this, here are the most safe and effective snow removal methods:

best way to remove snow from roof

Before You Begin:

1. Safety First

Removing snow from your roof can be dangerous, especially when working at heights. Always prioritize your safety. If you feel uncomfortable or lack the proper equipment or training, never attempt to remove snow from your roof yourself. Contact a professional with experience in residential roof snow removal.

2. Assess the Situation

  • Snow depth and condition: Light, powdery snow is generally easier to remove than heavy, wet snow.

  • Roof pitch: Steeper roofs require extra caution as the risk of slipping is higher.

  • Your physical ability and comfort level: Be honest about your limitations and don’t hesitate to seek professional help when needed.

What’s The Best Way to Remove Snow from Roof?

1. Roof Rake

  • Best for: Light, powdery snow on low-pitched roofs.

  • Benefits: Allows you to remove snow from the ground, eliminating the need to climb onto your roof. This will reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

  • Cautions: Use a sturdy roof rake specifically designed for snow removal with a telescoping handle for better reach. But be gentle while pulling the snow to avoid damaging your shingles.

2. Snow Pusher

  • Best for: Pushing light to moderate snow off low-pitched roofs from a safe distance on the ground.

  • Benefits: Similar to a roof rake, it allows you to remove snow without climbing onto the roof. It will keep you safe and stable.

  • Cautions: Choose a snow pusher with a wide, non-abrasive surface like plastic or felt to avoid scratching or damaging your shingles.

3. Roof De-icing Cables

  • Best for: Preventing ice dams and buildup on metal roofs.

  • Benefits: Continuously melt snow and ice accumulation at the edge of the roof. This reduces the overall snow load and prevents ice dams that can cause leaks and damage.

  • Cautions: Consult a qualified electrician for proper installation and ensure safe use to avoid electrical hazards. Regular maintenance and inspection are crucial for these cables.

4. Roof Salt

  • Best for: Use sparingly and with caution on metal roofs or asphalt shingle roofs to melt light snow accumulation and prevent ice dams. Not recommended for other types of roofs or in excessive amounts.

  • Benefits: Can help melt light snow and ice, reducing the overall weight on the roof.

  • Cautions: Use only designated roof salt and apply it in a thin, even layer. Excessive use can damage shingles, gutters, and surrounding vegetation. Be aware that salt can also attract animals and corrode metal components. Never shovel the salt off the roof, as this can damage the shingles.

5. Professional Snow Removal

  • Best for: This is still the best way to remove snow from roof! Whether you’re dealing with steeper roofs, heavy snow loads, complex roof structures, or situations where you feel unsafe working at heights.

  • Benefits: Ensures roof snow clearing is done safely and efficiently by trained professionals.

  • Considerations: Research reputable roofing companies in Salt Lake City with experience in snow removal. Get quotes and compare services before choosing a contractor. Don’t forget to ask about their insurance and safety procedures.

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