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Gutters and Rain Gutters are just as important as your new roof. The replacement of a faulty gutter is vital to the safety and value of your home. Our crew provides high-quality gutter systems. Timberline Roofing can help with all your Rain Gutter needs.

Why You Need Gutters from Timberline

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  • Avoid Soil Erosion. Gutters protect your roof and the overall structure of your home. Rain gutters prevent soil erosion. The washing away of the soil nearby your home can cause your foundation to settle. Foundational issues lead to uneven floors and cracked walls. It can also lead to basement flooding if you have rotting siding.


  • Protect your siding. Installing gutters mean water cannot get near your house. It will not stain or soak your siding. A siding constantly soaked in the rain will easily get damaged and let water in. Don’t let that happen. A gutter system installed by Timberline can help prevent siding damage.


  • Keep your basement dry. When water soaks the ground near your foundation, it can flood your basement. This means destruction and mold growth that can easily cost you thousands of dollars to repair! You can avoid this by installing a gutter system to direct water away.


  • Add beauty to your home exterior. A new gutter system adds curb appeal to your home, especially if its color and style complement your home’s exterior. This can increase your property’s value as well. So let Timberline install a gutter system that would match your home’s overall appearance.


  • Preserve your roof shingles. Gutters free from debris allow water to flow freely. This way, water will not build up on your roof’s structure and ensure that your shingles will always be in good condition. Timberline Roofing will ensure that! We are gutter experts too. Contact us to learn more!
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How To Maintain Gutters Properly

Maintenance is important to make sure your rain gutters are always functioning properly. Without maintenance, even the most durable gutter systems will fail at some point in time. At Timberline Roofing, we recommend the following:

  • Clean Gutters twice a year

The general rule of thumb is to clean your gutters twice a year. We recommend washing them before the winter season and again in the spring. This way, your gutters will be ready whatever the new season will bring. Timberline offers the best gutter and gutter guards cleaning in Utah. Call us and we’ll be at your property working right away.

  • Inspect the gutter for leaks, holes, or rust 

After you have done the bi-annual cleaning of your gutters, it’s time to inspect your gutters for any signs of erosion, leaks, or holes. You will most likely find these minor problems at the gutter joints. If you ignore this or left untreated, this can lead to bigger problems. Water will not drain effectively away from your house.

  • Clear the roof of Debris 

Gutters fill up with debris from the roof following a storm or make their way down over time. Timberline takes gutter care very seriously. This is why we will, in addition to replacing your gutters, keep them clean for you. We will make sure your roof are free from debris so they will never make their way down to your gutters.

  • Downspouts 

Downspouts are just as crucial as your gutters because they direct water away from draining at the base compromising your foundation leading to hurting the architectural integrity of your home. At Timberline, we’ll install high-quality downspouts along with your gutters to make sure those water will never be able to damage your home’s foundation!

Let Timberline Roofing help with your gutter system maintenance. We will make sure your gutters and gutter guards are installed correctly, properly maintained and cleaned, and always functioning as they should be. Call us today to learn more!

Timberline Extends Gutter Downspouts Too!

Although gutters play an important role in directing water away from the house, but if that water isn’t carried far enough, your house is at risk of damage to the basement or the house’s foundation. Downspout extensions can help solve that problem! It can direct water away from your home’s foundation and into a specific area. 

Here are four methods on how to extend your home’s downspouts:

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Aluminum extension

This is one of the most popular solutions. Aluminum downspout extensions are cheap, low maintenance, and installation takes seconds. It is one of the most straightforward fixes on the list and Timberline can do it best.

Buried Drain Pipe

This solution does require a bit more work when digging to bury the drain pipe. It is guaranteed to keep water away from your foundation. The key is to make sure the pipe run ends in a safe location away from your house.

Buried Drain Pipe

This solution does require a bit more work since you have to dig to bury the drain pipe. But it is guaranteed to keep water away from your foundation. The key is to make sure the slope is correct and the pipe run ends in a safe location away from your house.

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Stealth Flow

Stealth Flow easily connects to downspouts. It is more lowkey and can easily be hidden. If you don’t want them to mess up with your home’s appearance, this extension can easily be kept out of sight. Let Timberline do the work!

Decorative Splash Blocks

This is the more aesthetically pleasing route for your downspout. They disperse water flowing from your downspouts. We also have a range of options for styles – basic, metal, plastic, or decorative. They ensure that water doesn’t seep into your home.

Roll-Out Drain Sleeves

These are designed to uncoil dirong heavy rains to disperse water from little holes. And once the water flow stops, they will roll back up. They can easily be installed as well. Timberline is the best contractor who knows how to install it properly!

Rain Barrel

This collects water from the downppouts and into a large tanks, which you can use later on to wash your cars and water your flowers and plants. This is surely an environmentally friendly option that you should explore. Contact Timberline to learn more!

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