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roof repair
roof repair
Roof Repair

Timberlines roofing stands behind their work so that you can stand under it.

Our expertise in roof repair qualifies us to handle all your Utah residential roofing needs. From minor leaks to the most extensive damage, Timberline has you covered. We recommend being proactive and repair that small leak before it gets any worse.

Signs Your Roof Needs Timberline

Roof Maintenance To Avoid Repairs

Roof maintenance is essential to keep the structural integrity of your house in check. You should Inspect all vulnerable areas of your roof that could be susceptible to future issues. Utah has a wide daily range of temperatures. The rapid change of weather conditions can cause wear and tear on your roof. There are many ways to keep up with roof maintenance.

roof repair
roof repair
roof repair

Check for pipe boots for cracks

The most common reason roof leaks happen is from a broken pipe boot. If you have a damaged pipe boot, this can lead to water intruding into your home. The water flow will drop the temperature within your home during the winter months.

Remove Debris from the roof and gutters

If Debris is on your roof, it can create a dam that will collect water.The water will back up under the shingles and create a leak. A clogged gutter will also lead to similar issues. If your downspouts become clogged, they can overflow and create unwanted moisture in your home.

Inspect the roof for animal intrusion

Inspect the roof for signs of animals. Your attic is the perfect place for small animals to hide. They can cause damage inside your home by forcing a leak or chewing on wiring, which is the most common cause of house fires). Early detection is key to preventing this.

roof repair

Timberline the roofing company you can Trust

Utah residents trust the best. That’s why Timberline is always the first choice. Our proof is on your roof. Our top-notch products and approach are what keeps our customers satisfied. Timberline also has a few other standards.

roof repair

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Damages to your roof can happen anytime, in the cold, or in the hot sun, and especially during storm season. Whenever you find yourself needing repairs, it is best to go with the roof repair experts at Timberline Roofing, book with an inspection with us today!