5 Signs You Need Roof Replacement Companies in Utah

The roof is the most exposed part of your home, which is why they are more susceptible to damage. Oftentimes, these damages can still be fixed by roof repair companies. However, there are also cases where you need roof replacement companies as the damage may already be too overwhelming for just simple repairs.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the top five signs you should watch out for as they indicate you already need a roof replacement. Knowing these will help you determine when you need to call a roof replacement company, especially in Utah.

Roof Replacement Companies in Utah

Old, worn-out roofs

No matter how durable and well-maintained roofs are, they will not last forever. They only have an expected lifespan of around 15 to 70 years, depending on the type of roof you have.

Metal roofs, for example, can last up to 70 years or even longer as long as they are properly installed. Shingle roofs, on average, can also last between 15 to 30 years, depending on the type of shingles.

Keep in mind that when the roof is already nearing the end of its lifespan, it will not be as effective and efficient as it was when new. No amount of repairs will be able to restore an old, worn-out roof in Utah. The best option instead is a roof replacement.

Extensive leakage

Leaks are a common type of problem for all types of roofs. While a few leaks here and there can be fixed by simple patch-ups, extensive leakage problems may already warrant a complete roof replacement even if the roof is still relatively new.

This is because extensive leaks may be caused by holes, cracks, or gaps on the roof. If these have already affected practically the entire roof, the leakage will persist even if the roof is repaired today. The cost of these repairs can quickly add up. A roof replacement, therefore, is more effective and practical.

Rotting shingles or underlay

Wood shingles and underlay are prone to rotting. When this happens, they will not be able to effectively keep the water out from the interiors of the property. This leak can quickly grow in size, compromising the foundation of the roof itself and even causing it to collapse.

This is why a roof replacement is the best way to go. Call the best roof replacement companies in Utah right away and let them handle the job. They have the expertise and experience to effectively and efficiently fix your rotting shingles and underlay.

Sagging roof

This is a sign that you may have some structural issues caused by incorrect roof installation, insufficient or inadequate roof joints or rafters, heavy roofing materials, or standing water. But regardless of the reason, a sagging roof is a safety hazard.

The roof may collapse at any time, putting you and your household’s safety at risk. This is why it needs to be fixed the soonest time possible and repairs may not be sufficient. What you may need instead is to call roof replacement companies for more durable and long-lasting solutions.

Extreme moss and mold growth

While isolated moss and mold growth are not cause for concern, extreme and widespread growth should be. It needs immediate attention since it has the potential to cause major roof damage. It can trap moisture and cause structural issues.

Extreme moss and mold growth may already be too overwhelming for just simple roof repairs and cleaning. What you may need instead is a roof replacement to truly fix the problem. Contact a roofing company right away and let them handle the job.

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