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A durable, long-lasting roof is essential for property owners in Salt Lake City, UT. The harsh weather of Northern Utah demands a strong, functional roof system and Timberline Roofing is the roofing contractor that responds to property owners’ needs with great workmanship, superior products, and competitive pricing. A good Roofing Company Salt Lake City provides a vital need– ensuring safe, comfortable, and energy efficient living and working environments. 

When a roof begins to show signs of damage, or serious problems occur from one of Northern Utah’s severe weather events, roof repairs, and sometimes a complete roof replacement, may be needed. A top-quality roofing contractor in Salt Lake County will have the training, experience, and credentials to repair or restore a roof properly and it’s important to know when you’re found such a roofing company Salt Lake City. Timberline Roofing’s experience, fine workmanship, and rapid response to critical roof damage – damage which can cause moisture intrusion– is the key to preventing further, costly restoration needs. 

Signs of Potential Roof Condition Problems

Roof damage is common in Salt Lake City, UT, so common that many companies tend to focus on quantity instead of quality. But not all roofers in Salt Lake City are just looking for opportunities to make money.  Timberline Roofing is more concerned with developing a long term mutually-beneficial relationship with homeowners. They understand that a great local reputation and satisfied customers is the way to build a successful roofing company Salt Lake City. Educating customers about their roof and the signs that might indicate roof damage is important to Timberline Roofing.  Here are a few conditions that homeowners should recognize in order to ensure they keep their roof in great shape…

If any of these roof conditions are apparent, it may be time to contact a roofing contractor.

Roof Maintenance Starts with a Thorough Roof Inspection

Timberline Roofing performs detailed inspections to carefully and accurately assess the issues that need to be addressed with any type of roof, whether it’s a traditional, sloped shingle roof, a metal roof, or even a flat roof common to some modern homes and commercial structures.

Roofing Company Salt Lake City
Roofing Company Salt Lake City

Fast, On-Site Damage Assessment

Addressing damage quickly is the key to preventing additional property loss. Property owners must promptly address the causes of moisture-impacted ceilings, walls, and other interior affects. Once you call Timberline Roofing we’ll get to your location quickly to mitigate leaks and other conditions that can lead to far more costly roof repair needs.

Insurance Knowledge

Timberline Roofing possesses the knowhow to assist Salt Lake City homeowners with their storm damage insurance claims. Property owners should not have to worry about how they are going to get through damages inflicted on their homes, or how to manage an insurance claim to get the funds they need to fully restore their roof.   Timberline Roofing helps ease the process of identifying all the repair needs, estimating them accurately, verifying the completeness of an insurance adjuster’s assessment, and submitting a claim that will cover the needed work to be done.

Roofing Company Salt Lake City

Find a Roofing Contractor with Experience in Your Specific Type of Roof

Obviously, not all roofs are the same.  In fact, there is a wide range of materials used on roofs.  Your roofing contractor needs to understand the roofing system you have or else they will not be able to fix it correctly.

Asphalt Shingles

The most popular roofing material in Salt Lake City, asphalt shingles can easily last 20-to-30 years if maintained properly. Good quality asphalt shingles installed properly by Timberline Roofing are an affordable, aesthetically-appealing option.

Tile Roofing

Known commonly as clay, terracotta, or ceramic tile, tile roofing material runs a bit higher cost-wise, compared to asphalt shingles, but tiles make for a beautiful and practical type of roofing.

Metal Roofing

Increasingly popular in northern Utah and around the country, metal panel roof installation requires special tools and techniques. Timberline Roofing is familiar with this type of resilient roofing material.

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Among the residential and commercial roofing contractors in Northern Utah and the Salt Lake City area, none compare to Timberline Roofing. We work hard to earn your trust by performing outstanding work at competitive prices.