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It’s important for property owners to select a home improvement roofing contractor West Jordan which is qualified and well-credentialed. Roofing and other exterior work must be done properly to provide long-lasting protection of a home, especially considering Northern Utah’s often punishing weather conditions.

Utahns know how to find the right contractor by asking the right questions before choosing and hiring one. Roofing contractors are generally very hardworking, honest craftsmen. Many have taken their building skills to extend their services beyond roofing, to siding work, storm window, doors and other exterior and interior home improvement jobs. But when it comes to needing roof repairs or a brand new roof, getting a professional who specializes in roofing as their number one skill is the best approach. West Jordan, UT residents and in surrounding neighborhoods, including Welby, Copper Hills, and Jordan Hills, seem to have a special pride in their homes and in their communities, and roofing jobs performed by Timberline Roofing get beautiful results that last for decades. 

Quality-driven results, trustworthiness and fair pricing are all part of the Salt Lake region’s way of conducting business.  The entrepreneurial spirit fuels the local economy and that’s just one of the merits of living and working in the Western frontier. Roofing Contract West Jordan–Timberline Roofing reflects the tough, honest and hard working attitude of people in Salt Lake County, and while it’s not the only roofing company in the area, it checks all the boxes when it comes to the factors every homeowners needs to consider when hiring a team to work on the most important exterior component of their home – the roof.  

Timberline Roofing Checks All the Boxes!

At Timberline Roofing, we stand ready to serve. When it comes to roofing work here in West Jordan, UT–where snow, ice, and hail are threats nearly year-round– property owners know they can count on Timberline Roofing’s local experience, and thorough credentials. 

How Utah Homeowners Pick a Roofing Contractor West Jordan

1. Is the company locally owned and operated?

It’s always best to hire a local company. They have a vested interest in doing the best possible job for you or else risk their reputation in the neighborhood. Ask them if they’ve done work nearby. They should be able to provide a few references from other homeowners in your area. 

2. Does the roofing contractor possess a business license?

All contractors, including roofing contractors, require a state license issued by the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. Roofing contractors like Timberline Roofing pass a trade exam, a business exam, and a law exam. Even if the bid is less expensive, unlicensed contractors are unregulated, and you may have no recourse if the project goes wrong.


roofing contractor West Jordan
roofing contractor West Jordan
3. Is the contractor prepared to give you an estimate in writing?

If the contractor won’t put the details of their job and what it will cost in writing, property owners know to immediately be skeptical right off the bat!

4. Does the contractor have good ratings and reviews online?

Property owners here in Northern Utah know how indicative high ratings and positive reviews are when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor. They check sources like the Better Business Bureau, Facebook ratings, and Google ratings and reviews.

5. Does the roofing company offer a workmanship warranty?

Many roofing companies stand behind the quality of their work by guaranteeing that if anything goes wrong due to an oversight on their part, they’ll make it right at no further expense to you.

6. How long will the job take?

Today, the length of a project can be hard to predict, due to problems with sourcing and shipping supplies, but generally speaking, a residential roofing job rarely takes more than 2 or 3 days. Ask the contractor how long they’ll take to do your roofing work and find out when their crew arrives and wraps up work each day they are on site.

7. Does the roofing company hold any manufacturer’s certifications?

A good contractor is certified with one or more manufacturers. That means, their team is trained and highly skilled in installing roofing systems from a particular brand(s). For example, Timberline Roofing is certified with GAF, one of the best roofing product manufacturers on the planet. Timberline also specializes in other fine product lines, including IKO.

8. How will the roofing company maintain quality control?

Project Management and quality control are vital when conducting a roof installation. Sometimes, roofing companies subcontract crews to perform work, which is fine. But constant quality control and oversight by a Timberline project manager always assures top-notch results.

roofing contractor West Jordan
roofing contractor West Jordan
9. How will the company communicate with you during the project?

The best roofing companies understand the importance of staying in touch with customers throughout the entire process of buying, installing, and maintaining a new roof. Timberline Roofing is diligent about keeping you up-to-date and educating you on the process involved in fixing or replacing your roof. We don’t disappear after the contract is signed, only to show  up in your driveway whenever we please.

10. What is the company's policy on clean-up after a roofing job is completed?

Roofing is a messy job, especially when it involves a tear-off of old roofing.  Roofing nails, shingle remnants, bits and pieces of underlayments, discarded water bottles, and other debris inherent to any construction site can clutter your property, but Timberline Roofing keeps the jobsite nice and tidy, and performs a meticulous post-job clean-up to collect all stray roofing material.

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Among the roofing contractors in Northern Utah, no company quite measures up to Timberline Roofing. The team at Timberline has worked hard to earn the trust of local residents by delivering great value through a combination of superior workmanship, high-quality products, and fair, accurate pricing.