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Timberline understands the importance of proper siding installation. Every home needs durable and reliable siding that is maintenance-free. We will protect your home with our high-class siding materials like insulated or metal.

Proper Siding Installation is Crucial

The decision to install new siding is as important as the product’s value—appropriately installed exteriors mean a clear mind and safe home.

There are many types of siding to choose from in your home. Few home improvements or repairs enhance and add value to your home, like new siding.

Siding Advantages

Low maintenance

Durability is the most significant factor in vinyl siding. After installation, the upkeep and cleaning are a breeze.


Wide variety

Gutters are just as important as your new roof. The replacement of a faulty gutter is vital to the safety and value of your home. A robust gutter system protects your home from water and foundational damage. Our crew provides high-performance gutter systems. Timberline Roofing can help with all your gutter needs. There are four main reasons why gutters are essential to your home.

Curb Appeal value

The upgrade to your siding can be one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s value. Working on your home’s exterior is an excellent long-term investment that can help your home stand out.


Wood Siding

Many customers agree that wood siding is one of the most attractive residential siding options. Common types of wood siding include wood, planks, boards or panels, and shingles.

Metal Siding

The general rule of thumb is to clean your gutters twice a year. We recommend washing them before the winter season and again in the spring.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding requires little to no maintenance at all and will keep your home looking good for years to come.

Fiber Cement

Cement fiber is the latest development in residential siding. It’s durable, very low-maintenance, and resource-efficient. It’s just as easy as wood siding to cut and fit every job.

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